It’s true! Mark Hayward is the 1995 Masters Division World Yo-yo Champion. Revel in the excitement of tricks like the Atom Smasher, Boingy-Boingy, and the Brain Twister, as well as old favorites like Walk the Dog, and Rock the Baby.

It’s not every yo-yo performer who is both a World Champion AND more fun than a bucket of worms. So don’t miss out. Book Mark’s show today!


Also, After fierce competition in Niagara Falls, Mark and five others competed as the team the MadFive (yes that’s six members if you were paying attention) and were triumphant in the juggling world’s equivalent of the Olympics. The team did a seven minute routine set to music that involved 15 distinct club passing patterns which included anywhere from three to all six team members.

The MadFive are all members of the Madison Area Jugglers.

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