Mark & Jonathan


Mark and Jonathan are “extremely funny” according to the New York Times. Their innovative, quirky, and often unexpected tricks have been a favorite at colleges, theaters, festivals, corporate events, and on television around the world. Using an assortment of everyday items (garbage bags, whipped cream, matches, marshmallows, rat traps, bananas, straws, suitcases, chairs, and more) Mark and Jonathan create an experience that is often surprising, usually astounding, and always hilarious. Their mix of comedic stunts, yo-yo tricks, odd skills, and audience interaction are world-class and downright incredible. David Letterman called them “Unbelievable,” and we think you’ll agree.

“Whoa… WHOA! Whoa. Unbelievable. Beautiful Job.” – David Letterman

“Extremely Funny.” – The New York Times

“Very Impressive” – Jay Leno

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