What Do You Call Someone Who Yo-yos for a Living?

I get asked this a lot. “What do we call you?”

I prefer “Yo-yoer”, “Yo-yo Guy”, “Yo-yo Man”, or “Yo-yo Player”, but there are actually a ton of acceptable options. “Yo-yoer” and “Yo-yo Player” are definitely the most contemporary and coolest of the options, but there are others that were used more in the past, some that aren’t universal, and some that are significantly dorkier.

“Yo-yoist” seems like an attempt to be classy that just sounds weird. “Cellist” and “Pianist” make total sense, but I think “Yo-yoist” is a bit much.

“Yo’er” is a nice attempt at making some slang, but it really doesn’t roll off the tongue, and the apostrophe is awkward.

“Yo-yo Champion” is awesome, but not everyone gets to use it. I do. Because I’m a world champion. Not that I’m bragging. But I totally get to use it.

“Yo-yo Professional” is another good one, but it’s also one that doesn’t accurately describe everyone.

“Yo-yo Master” has great style, and as long as a player has some level of mastery, I think it’s fine to use.

“Throw Monkey” became a trademarked product name almost immediately, so it never caught on.

“Yo-yo Ninja” had a brief life in the late 90s. I’m lukewarm on it. Seems over the top to me.

“Yoyologist” is the worst. Please don’t use this. It’s so dorky that it still makes me cringe, even after over 30 years in the business.

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